I make things.

I make things work.

I solve problems
with solutions.

I solve complex problems
with simple solutions.

I solve complex problems
by creating efficienies through
designed interactive solutions.

I identify and solve complex problems by creating efficienies by optimizing workflows, interactions, communication and branding through UX design and modern development techniques.

I make things work well.** (not as easy as you'd think)

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Studied Design at

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code written

Montréal, Canada

OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

University of Alberta
OCAD University
MyPlanet Digital
United Way
National Geographic

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of cats used

Am I a designer? Am I a developer? It’s a question I’ve struggled with for years, but have found that I work best comfortably in the middle. I think of design as a tool as much as the latest JavaScript framework or library and find myself constantly looking to find new skills to add to my toolbox all the time. With a love for technology, I find myself always trying to figure out how things work and make them work for me. Combined with a healthy dose of curiosity, I thrive on learning new things and combining ideas in unconventional ways.

I’ve worked with many brands, companies, and institutions to create usable, clear, and efficient experiences for over 8 years by working directly with users to identify, iterate on, and build solutions. I focus on combining and synthesizing traditional design practice (print, branding, typography, etc) and modern development techniques (API-First development, Javascript, DevOps, Mobile development, etc).

See my resume for more information my experience or click the design or technology tabs on the side of the screen.